Thursday, December 06, 2007

Is this really happening?

I’m still experiencing a bit of shock and I can’t decide whether or not I’m really happy or really scared. I’ve been dreaming about something like this for so long that I almost don’t believe it’s true or actually happening…

Oh, did I mention? I got the job!

That’s right, I’m officially the new editor of the fabulous mag of my dreams. I still haven’t told my boss, she’s out of the office until Monday. That’s sure to be an awesome way to start the week. I’m so nervous about this transition, especially since it’s right in the middle of the holidays. I’m scared to death that I’ll do an awful job and they’ll regret hiring me. I won’t get into details, but this is not at all like an EA position, it comes with a ton of responsibility and some pretty big shoes to fill.

I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog for less than two months and I already found my dream job! I wish that I had some super advice to offer you guys about the amazing things I did to get it, but I know we’re all in the same boat and doing the same exact things. All I can say is that I applied to at least ten jobs a week, kept my head up and wrote like crazy. As much as I don’t want to believe it, this business really is a lot about luck and who you know.

So I guess this will be my last post, which is really sad. I’m happy to have gotten the job but I’ll miss keeping in touch with you guys! I really hope my story was inspirational, and keep in mind that if I can do it, anyone can. Best of luck to you loves, I hope all your publishing dreams (and beyond) come true!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

There may be hope after all...

EEK! I sent my thank you note (just like you all suggested) and got called in for a second interview yesterday morning! Thankfully, I think this one went SO much better than the first! I actually got to talk a little and I think I really convinced them of why I would be absolutely perfect for the position. They even kept my portfolio this time, which is huge. They said they’d be meeting to make their decision this weekend and I’d know by next week.

One of the other companies I interviewed with last week actually called to offer me a position this afternoon, but I decided not to take it. The commute was so long, the pay was less than I make now and the job was basically the same as what I’m doing. It was actually another marketing company, which I guess I didn’t really realize until I got there. No, I’m not that dumb, the job ad made the position seem a lot different than it was.

In freelancing news, I’m so busy I can barely keep up! I’ve somehow become obsessed with money and can’t seem to say no to projects. I’m nervous that when I do get the editorial job of my dreams, the pay will be less than I make now, so I’m trying to save as much as possible. Also, I have to start paying student loans next month (ew) so I’d like to be prepared for that.

Tomorrow I present my story ideas and magazine template to the president of the company I’m freelance editing for! I’m super nervous but pretty confident that I came up with some good stuff. Like I said before, it’s basically a newsletter, just a little more flashy. Hopefully they like it…

<3 Ed’s Girl On The Hunt

Friday, November 30, 2007

I <3 Fridays...

I am so looking forward to a big piece of chocolate cake and a movie in bed. Forget dancing the night away, this girl needs some serious R&R…

I had another interview this morning and I think it actually went fairly well. The position is strictly editorial but it’s for a company, not a publication. It sounded interesting and the benefits are great, but I’m nervous about getting stuck in another position like I’m in now. I really just need to be in a place where the creative juices are flowing, all this business talk exhausts me.

My freelance contract assignment is going SO well and I absolutely love the project I’m working on. Time isn’t that much of an issue, I work on it mainly on weeknights and weekends, but sometimes I get a bit tired. I’ve been taking on tons of random freelance projects, but I think I should slow down because my full-time job is getting pretty busy. We get a week off for the holidays and apparently people are rushing to get everything done before then. I’ve only got an extra three or four hours of free time a day now, which probably sounds ridiculous, but I used to have a full day filled with nothing to do!

<3 Ed’s Girl On The Hunt

PS – I’m dying to do something different and fun with the B/F this weekend. Any Boston Ed’s out there ever been to the skating rink in the common? Is it any fun? Are there any cool yet inexpensive restaurants around there for dinner?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Interview From Hell...

You know that feeling when you leave an interview and you just know you’re definitely not getting the job? That’s pretty much how I felt yesterday when I left the interview for my dream job. I felt like I didn’t get to say enough, or anything really, because all they spoke about was the company and the job. I tried to put my two cents in but I thought talking about how great I was for the position was tacky after they asked if I had any questions. I wasn’t quite sure how bad it went until they stopped me to give me my portfolio before I left. It stinks because I prepared SO much for it and did tons of research, put together a great portfolio and thought about great answers to a million questions they could have asked me.

I’m trying to not to freak out too much. The best internships I’ve scored were after interviews I thought had gone pretty badly. I just really loved the job and it would be a great starting point and it’s a lot closer to my apartment than other jobs I’ve interviewed for. Boo. I guess we’ll see. Has anyone ever actually gotten a call back after a “terrible” interview experience? Perhaps it’s silly to hold on too long but I need a little hope…

<3 Ed’s Girl On The Hunt

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ed Girl's Freelance Life...

I’m not an expert freelancer and actually just started doing it about three months ago when I graduated and realized I didn’t have many good clips to put in my portfolio. The way I see it, there are two kinds of freelancing: writing for clips and writing for money. Hopefully, as I get older and more experienced, they’ll some how combine and I’ll be able to write fabulous features for fabulous magazines but for now, there’s still that division.

Sadly, I’ve been freelancing for money a lot more lately and am basically using to help accomplish that. Don’t hate, it’s almost December and the holidays are quickly approaching. I’ve got to make some extra dough somehow. The site is pretty simple to use and I’ve made quite a bit on it since I discovered it about a month ago. I’ve been basically doing a lot of web content writing, specifically for products or certain topics. For example, I just finished up writing a bunch of 300-word articles about marketing and made $400 doing it. I probably won’t use them for clips, but it’s cash.

I’ve been writing two or three clips a month for a Boston newspaper that I get paid a lot less for but can use in my portfolio. If you haven’t freelanced yet, I think you’ll find that the clips you can use are often ones that you wrote for very little or free. I got pretty lucky and have found a lot of freelancing gigs through craigslist but I’m hoping to eventually be in a place where I can pitch story ideas to my favorite mags. If you’re trying to build clips, though, I imagine you’re not in a place where you’ll be hired to write a feature for Glamour, so I’d suggest writing about what you know and love for smaller publications.

I hope this kind of helps some of the people who have been in touch with questions! Again, I’m definitely no expert and am learning all of this too so if anyone has any fabulous freelancing tips, please share them in some comments!

<3 Ed’s Girl On The Hunt

PS - I have an interview for my DREAM entry-level editing job in a few hours so wish me luck! EEK!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm going to be wearing stretchy pants for weeks...

You know you’ve eaten too much when you literally can barely fit in to your pants after a week of holiday feasting. I’ve been hitting the gym like whoa the past few days but with a fridge full of leftovers and pies from mom, it’s basically a lost cause.

I interviewed late last week for the freelance editing position and heard back this morning that I got it! I start next week and, aside from two or three in-house meetings, all the work can be done remotely. I’m excited but nervous that I’ll get overwhelmed. I’ve taken on a ton of freelance projects and will still be working full-time so it will be quite a busy couple of months.

I’ve also got a couple of interviews lined up at the end of this week for some editing positions. One’s at a magazine and the other for a website. I’ve never done web editing and haven’t really done a ton of web writing, but it will be good interview experience anyway. I think my boss is getting suspicious that I keep having these “doctors appointments” and I feel bad missing more work, especially since I’ve been sick forever and missed so much already! As much as I really want a job in publishing, I will feel bad leaving here…

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! I’ve been getting a lot of emails and requests for freelancing tips (even though I’m really no expert), so tomorrow perhaps I’ll post a little something about how I got in to it…

<3 Ed’s Girl On The Hunt

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Gods Are Against Me...

Forgive me for the past two weeks and lack of entries, I was super lucky and got a bad pneumonia, meaning no work, no fun, no entries and, worst of all, no job hunting. This past weekend I was finally able to muster up the strength to get up and check out the job boards and was so disappointed to see a few great openings I would have loved to jump on immediately. I still sent out my resume and clips ASAP and I’m hoping that most people are waiting until after turkey day to hire.

The only good news/real news I have to offer is that I did get an interview through the temp agency I applied for a few weeks ago. It’s for a contract, freelance position at a company in they city and I’d be responsible for putting together their first ever company magazine, which I’m assuming is essentially a newsletter. I’m pretty excited because it is a lot more editorial work than writing and I’d be responsible for managing the design team and freelance writers involved in the project.

Again, I’m so sorry for the lack of posts and I promise it will be much more interesting in the weeks to come. Now that I’m back on my feet I’m ready for the holiday season and the openings that will hopefully follow soon after!

<3 Ed’s Girl On The Hunt